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Commercial Park Benches

TerraBound Solutions offers a wide range of park benches for both residential and commercial use in a range of styles, materials and sizes. We pride ourselves on premium quality outdoor site furnishings that are affordable and easy to install. Explore our various styles, including coated metal park benches, recycled plastic park benches, aluminum park benches, and concrete park benches. Looking for something for something more personal, for the patio? We also offer patio and garden benches for more residential needs as well as sports style for indoor and outdoor applications.

Powder Coated Park Benches

Powder Coating is an alternative to the popular thermoplastic coated variety of bench.

  • Scratch resistant
  • Several color options
  • Backed or backless options
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Starting at $335

Classic Rolled Style Bench

Thermoplastic Coating is a popular choice for its long lasting performance and low maintenance!

  • Extremely functional
  • Durable in any weather
  • Large variety of colors, sizes, styles
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Starting at $215

Central Park Bench

Eco-Friendly, yet tough & sturdy without need for maintenance and outperforms wood and other materials.

  • Will not fade or discolor
  • Will never rot or split
  • Low maintenance and upkeep
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Starting at $185

Classique Wood Bench<

We offer a variety of different benches all available in multiple wood types that are guaranteed to fit your needs.

  • Classic look and feel
  • Variety of different woods
  • Backed or backless options
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Starting at $120

Aluminum Park Benches

Made of high grade aluminum, these classic styles are built for repeated use without rust.

  • Permanent and portable options
  • High grade aluminum
  • Sizes up to 21'
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Starting at $135

Sports Benches

We offer all types of sports / players benches for locker rooms, stadiums, sports fields, and more.

  • Back mount options available
  • Lengths up to 15'
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Starting at $149

PB-X Series Concrete Bench

Top quality concrete for many environments. Variety of designs.

  • Extremely sturdy
  • Near-infinite life span
  • Withstands weather condition
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Starting at $455

L Series Bench without Back

Comfort and style in a simple, compact package.

  • Cost effective, light, & durable
  • Multiple styles and sizes
  • Wide array of colors & materials
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Starting at $205

Wood Adirondack Chairs

Looking for a bench for your home, patio, or backyard? We offer a wide range for patio and residential use as well!

  • Backed & Backless varieties
  • Multiple styles and sizes
  • Wide array of color options
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Starting at $298

Sit & Stay Bench

We offer a selection of benches that have been specifically designed to work with dog parks and dog play areas.

  • Styled cut outs
  • Multiple styles and colors
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Starting at $769

Continuum C Shaped Bench

Our Continuum Series Benches offer an organic look, feel, and function to public seating areas.

  • "C" & "S" shapes available
  • Many powder coat color options
  • Shifts from backless to backed
  • Complete steel construction
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Starting at $26,629

Custom Benches

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Custom Benches

Looking for a way to customize your park bench to your particular brand or style? We offer custom lettering and logo services to most of our Park Benches.

  • Laser and Stamped Lettering
  • Custom Laser Cutting
  • Custom Logos
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Park Benches

Park benches offer convenient seating options for almost any outdoor setting and add a wonderful, personal feel to your venue. They are available in a plethora of different styles, sizes, colors and materials ranging from recycled plastic to aluminum and almost everything in between. Learning the ins and outs of each style will better help you understand which particular type of bench would benefit your particular situation the most.

Coated metal park benches, themselves, are available in a few different varieties: thermoplastic coated and powder coated. Thermoplastic is a plastic coated that has been overlaid on top of a steel frame for a sturdy, durable and colorful coating. Powder coating on the other hand is a powdered paint that has been fused by heat onto the bench frame itself creating a very scratch resistant surface. Thermoplastic coated metal has a very vibrant color to it while powder coated benches offer a more matte look to their paint. Both of these make a fantastic choice for schools, parks or any outdoor setting that could benefit from a seating option that’s available in a smorgasbord of colors making it very simple to color-coordinate.

Recycled plastic park benches are not new to the scene although have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Their planks are constructed from recycled plastic and are formed in such a way that makes them resemble a light wood far more than the plastic they actually are constructed from. Recycled plastic has several advantages over standard wood in that they’ll never splinter, rot, crack or even fade in direct sunlight. This makes them an excellent investment option due to their long-lasting nature.

If you’re looking to add a classic style look to your setting then a wood bench is a fantastic choice. Wooden benches have been around longer than any of us because of a simple reason; they do what they do well and look good doing it. The classic styling of wood furniture will never fade away. Whether you go with an untreated wood such as pine or a stained wood to provide some extra depth of color, you can’t go wrong with a quality wood park bench.

Aluminum offers a very sturdy option while possessing a very light frame compared to their heavier steel counterparts. Made from durable and long-lasting aluminum, these benches are built to stand the test of time. Fantastic for any outdoor setting including sporting events, parks and schools, aluminum benches are built to withstand the torment of everyday, heavy use.

Concrete benches provide the sturdiest of the sturdy options. These stand as the heavy-weight of the park bench world and may even end up outlasting your park itself! Offered in a variety of texture options, these benches are nearly indestructible guaranteeing your money went to good use. Perfect for parks or heavy-traffic areas, concrete benches are the ultimate choice for durability.

Whether you’re looking to add a colorful seating option for a school playground or a durable bench for a public park, we offer the solution for whatever your personal needs may be.

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You have decided on your park bench and now you are not sure whether to order. Benches can be portable, in-ground, or surface mounted.

There are many durable materials available for your park bench. Cement is obviously the strongest, but then you have coated metal park benches, recycled plastic, and traditional wood.

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